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Top 5 CRM Integration for Call Center

Call centers are still dominating the business world, although digital communication has been on the rise. Call centres provide a human touch that customers value, especially in tough and complex situations. Businesses are using CRM WhatsApp for better customer satisfaction as well. However, call centres provide real-time help, which is more often preferred by customers looking for quick solutions.

Call centres can access customer data easily and personalise the interactions to provide better solutions by integrating CRM. It ensures that businesses like yours provide excellent customer service and meet the client’s needs. We talk more about why call centres are still important in this article. We also delve into the top 5 CRM integrations that boost the call centre’s efficiency. Keep reading to learn more.

Why are Call Centers Still Relevant Nowadays?

We know that digital communication platforms have taken the business world by storm. This storm has seemingly made call centres less relevant. But the truth is that call centres remain an integral part of customer service strategies. Businesses from all sectors are still using them. The main reason for their relevance is the human touch they provide. 

Customers still prefer talking to a person to help them solve their problems. Remember all the times you called a live agent to help you fix your stuck computer? Although chatbots and emails provide the solution as well, people want to hear an understanding voice on the other end, which guides them to the solution nonetheless. Let’s talk about this in-depth here:

Customer Preference

Despite the amount of communication options available to businesses right now, phone conversations are still the preferred choice for many customers. Customers value the immediacy and personal connection that speaking to a knowledgeable agent brings. Phone calls provide a level of interaction that helps customers express their concerns freely unlike text-based communication. The comfort of real-time exchange creates trust and confidence in the customer-agent relationship. It helps agents address even the most complex issues with ease.

Real-Time Help

Call centres were created to give real-time help to customers and to address their queries and concerns quickly. Phone calls provide immediate feedback and clarification, unlike emails or messaging platforms. When your business provides quick help to your struggling customers, you boost customer satisfaction. 

Imagine your computer stops working; you call the company agent and ask for help. The problem needs to be simplified and requires some testing. The agent helps you sort out all the possible reasons for the damage and helps you fix it. The whole conversation takes you 30 minutes. 

You won’t get this immediacy and efficiency through text messaging or emails. The satisfied customer, however, goes on to become your business’s loyal customer. This is why call centres remain relevant and invaluable in the fast-paced world where everyone wants quick fixes.

Top 5 CRM Integrations for Call Center

All smart and thriving businesses understand the importance of customer relationship management. Here is why:

  • CRMs help businesses to provide an amazing customer experience while also driving revenue.
  • CRM integration with call centre operations is a key component of boosting CRM initiatives.
  • Integration for call centres offers the smooth integration of CRM systems with call centre platforms, helping businesses access important customer data and improve agent productivity.

Let’s talk about the 5 CRM integrations for call centres that can help call centre agents and improve your overall customer service experience.

Kommo CRM Integration

Kommo is a cloud-based CRM tool known for its ability to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service operations with an advanced omnichannel experience. Businesses that integrate Kommo CRM with call centre solutions could see many benefits for both their agents and customers. With Kommo CRM integration, call center agents get real-time access to detailed client information and interaction history. 

This means that agents can provide more tailored interactions, resolving consumer questions and issues more effectively. The seamless integration of Kommo CRM and call centre platforms centralize all customer interactions, helping agents manage contacts better, track prospects, and analyse sales performance.

Here’s how Kommo improves customer engagement with CRM call centre integration:

●   Kommo CRM call centre integration allows agents to seamlessly connect with clients via email, chat, or phone, combining all interactions into a single, easily accessible feed.

●   It not only saves time but also improves the customer experience by guaranteeing consistent and individualised communication across all platforms.

Freshdesk CRM Integration

Freshdesk is a contact centre software developed by Freshworks. Based on its capabilities and characteristics, it is perfect for an inbound call centre. It features a distinct interface that makes it easier to use. The first thing you’ll notice when signing up is their onboarding process. They feature an onboarding video and an in-app onboarding checklist, which gives you an advantage when getting started.

However, because it is a contact centre CRM for cold calling, there is no built-in CRM system. You may combine it with your existing CRM or utilise their standalone Freshsales CRM (payable separately), making the Freshdesk contact centre one of the top CRMs for telemarketing. It has a reliable call workflow system that lets you build up basic IVR to route calls to agents based on the digits clients enter, configure call queues, and set up advanced routing automation based on your requirements.

So we can say that Freshdesk CRM Integration makes functionalities more seamless by:

  • Freshdesk CRM Integration simplifies functionality with an easy onboarding process, including instructional videos and checklists, ensuring a seamless start for users.
  • Integration with Freshdesk CRM enhances functionality with a reliable call workflow system. This enables users to build IVR systems and configure call queues.

Pipedrive CRM Integration

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM that also functions as call centre CRM software. It includes its own contact centre CRM software, which allows you to import your contacts much more quickly. Agents will also have access to all customer information in a single pane of glass, making it easier to resolve customer issues.

You can automate your call management operations from a single dashboard. Because its operations are sales-oriented, the call routing needs to be customised slightly. You can also call consumers directly from Pipedrive using the built-in dial pad or integrate a third-party phone system. It also supports call recordings and a location to keep your call scripts. It helps agents confidently address issues and use the recordings for coaching and training sessions.

This is how Pipedrive CRM Integration helps optimise sales:

  • Pipedrive provides tools like a built-in dial pad and support for third-party phone systems, enabling agents to connect with customers directly.
  • Given its sales-focused approach, Pipedrive offers customisable call routing options tailored to sales operations.

HubSpot CRM Integration

HubSpot is a sophisticated CRM with a service hub that can be used as a call centre. Its incoming calling features are still being developed, but you can continue to make outgoing calls. The platform’s VoIP software lets agents make direct phone calls to customers. Its service hub is integrated with its free contact centre CRM, so when an agent speaks with a customer, they will see all of the customer’s information on one dashboard. Having all of this information in one location simplifies and speeds up problem resolution.

However, it lacks a call workflow system. Its key selling point is its ticketing system, which, when combined with its CRM, helps agents resolve issues and call consumers more quickly, making it an effective CRM software for call centres.

Therefore, HubSpot CRM Integration optimises service by:

  • HubSpot CRM Integration consolidates customer information in its service hub. This enables agents to access it all in one place during calls. Therefore, problem resolution is simplified and sped up.
  • HubSpot’s ticketing system, combined with its CRM capabilities, helps agents resolve issues and connect with consumers faster. Hence, it is an effective CRM software for call centres.

Agile CRM Integration

Agile CRM is a CRM software developed for businesses of all sizes. It also serves as a call center solution. Although it has a ’90s flair, its automation functionality outperforms other items we’ve looked at. While call routing is more complex than in Freshdesk, you can work around this by using tag-based calling.

For example, if a client with a top customer tag opens a ticket with a high-priority status, you can route it to your most skilled agent, who can fix the issue over the phone or via email. You also get access to call reports, which show the total time spent on calls by each agent, the overall timeline of calls by your agents, and bar graphs depending on the time called.

Tag-based calling of Agile CRM offers all the following advantages:

  • Agile CRM’s tag-based calling allows for personalised call routing based on specific criteria. This ensures that calls are directed appropriately to the most suitable agents or departments.
  • By utilising tags, agents can easily categorise and prioritise calls, improving overall organisation and efficiency in managing customer interactions.


Call centres are still necessary to provide human touch and real-time help. Integrating CRM systems increases efficiency and improves customer service. Kommo, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Agile CRM are among the best CRM integrations, with each offering different functionalities designed to satisfy business demands and drive growth.

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