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6 Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets for a Greener Lifestyle

Let 2024 be the year you embrace a green lifestyle and bring smart technology to your home. Smart home gadgets are energy efficient, so they cut back on utility costs while adding convenience to your life. Therefore, giving back to the earth by saving its resources will benefit you as much as the environment.

The best thing about installing smart home gadgets is that you can control them from your phone, regardless of your location. However, the smart devices need to remain connected to your home Wi-Fi network so you can access them through an app on your phone. 

If you decide to include multiple smart home gadgets in your living space, opt for an internet connection that can accommodate them all simultaneously. We recommend Xfinity, a leading internet service provider in the US, which offers coverage across 41 states. Contact Xfinity Customer Service to acquire information about their internet plans and pricing. 

We have a variety of green and smart home products to choose from nowadays, so deciding what to invest in can be a dilemma. We present a comprehensive range of eco-friendly gadgets that will suit every beginner aiming to live greener:

Eco-friendly Smart Home Gadgets

1. Smart Light Bulbs

2. Smart Kitchen Composter

3. Smart Thermostat

4. Smart Plugs

5. Smart Dishwasher

6. Smart Air Fryer

Smart Light Bulbs

You should always start with the basics, i.e. your home lighting. Smart light bulbs are among the most affordable options. Kasa Smart Light Bulb integrates with Google Home and Alexa; hence,, it seamlessly integrates with most smart home systems. 

These smart light bulbs emit 800 lumens (LM) of soft white light and use up only 9 Watts per hour. Moreover, these lights are dimmable from 1-100%, so you can adjust the room’s ambience to your mood or preference. 

You can switch the lights on or off from anywhere, using your app. You can also control the lighting using voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant

Smart Kitchen Composter

Reducing everyday waste is an integral part of shifting to a greener lifestyle. While swapping plastics for biodegradable materials is a great step toward your goal, you must do something to cut down your organic waste as well. 

Many people use their food waste as compost, which may seem like a painstaking and time-consuming task. Luckily, now you can buy the iDOO Smart Kitchen Composter, which automatically converts your kitchen waste into pre-compost within six hours. 

This smart composter is quiet and odourless, so it will cause you zero hassle. It can help reduce your kitchen waste by up to 90%, which is beyond impressive. It comes with a stylish design, ample capacity, and a child lock for added safety. 

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a gadget that allows you to regulate your home’s temperature directly from your phone. You don’t have to get up and walk to the thermostat every time the air in the room seems a bit chilly or too warm for comfort. 

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is an excellent upgrade from a traditional thermostat, as it also helps save energy. If you already have Alexa, she can do the programming for you. Smart thermostats learn from your habits and patterns over time, so they can adjust the home temperature accordingly. 

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can help you manage your home’s energy consumption by giving you access to electric outlets on the go. If you often forget to unplug your chargers and appliances, the smart plug will allow you to switch them off remotely. 

The EIGHTREE Smart Plug is compatible with Google Home and Alexa, so it can be a great addition to any contemporary abode. It comes with a Wi-Fi-enabled remote control and timer function, so you can manage home appliances more efficiently.  

Smart Dishwasher

Here’s a dishwasher that saves water and electricity, without compromising on performance. The SAMSUNG Smart 44dBA Dishwasher makes the dirtiest dishes squeaky clean, and you don’t even have to rinse them beforehand. 

This dishwasher is fitted with an auto-release door, which automatically opens after the cleaning cycle is complete; this enables air circulation, so the process of drying speeds up. Since this smart dishwasher is connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can start, pause, and stop dishwashing cycles through your phone. 

Smart Air Fryer

Air Fryer is an eco-friendly kitchen appliance as it reduces energy consumption through fast cooking, and it gets better when you can operate it remotely. Plus, with the compact design of a mini air fryer, you can enjoy all the benefits of air frying in a space-saving appliance. Air-fried food is a healthier version of deep-fried food, and it minimizes food waste. 

The COSORI Pro III Air Fryer gives you smart notifications, so you can monitor your food from a distance and avoid overcooking. It comes with hundreds of easy-to-follow air fryer recipes (on the app) and a dozen easy functions, including baking, frying, roasting, broiling, and reheating food. 

Summing Up

Smart home gadgets incorporate cutting-edge technology, which is energy-efficient and safe. Therefore, transitioning towards a smart home is a great way to improve your lifestyle and benefit the environment. Some smart home gadgets seem intimidating due to their hefty price tag, but you should know that they will help you save a lot more money in the long run.

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