7OFF7ROO: Unlocking Savings on Deliveroo: -Terms and conditions

Enticing promotions and discounts frequently persuade customers in the fast-paced world of food delivery services. Deliveroo, a well-established name in this industry, has recently introduced a highly appealing offer named “7OFF7ROO.” This offer is designed to capture the attention of customers seeking value and savings on their food orders.

With Deliveroo’s reputation for delivering quality service and a diverse range of culinary options, the introduction of “7OFF7ROO” adds another layer of attractiveness to its offerings. As customers explore their dining options, the opportunity to save through this promotion becomes a significant factor in their decision-making process. By unveiling this promotion, Deliveroo aims to not only retain its existing customer base but also attract new users looking for convenient and affordable meal solutions.

Let’s delve into the details of this promotion and understand how you can leverage it to save on your orders.

Terms and Conditions of Deliveroo 7OFF7ROO promotion

Overview of the Promotion Rules

The 7OFF7ROO Promotion entails a set of clear terms and conditions that participants need to follow diligently. These rules serve as the guiding framework for the entire promotion, emphasising fairness and transparency at every step. By adhering to these guidelines, participants can ensure a smooth and equitable experience throughout the promotion period.

Eligibility Criteria

To take part in the Promotion, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by Deliveroo. Firstly, participants need to be legal residents of England, Scotland, or Wales and be at least 18 years old when entering the promotion. However, residents of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are not eligible to participate. Additionally, entrants are required to be Existing Customers as of August 23, 2023, defined as customers who have placed a minimum of two orders out of their last five in an Eligible Area, or at least one order in an Eligible Area if their total orders are less than five.

Furthermore, participants who become eligible during the Entry period by meeting the criteria specified in clause 3b may experience a waiting period of up to 7 days to obtain Existing Customer status and become eligible to participate in the Promotion. It’s important to note that internet access is necessary to enter the Promotion, as stated in clause 4. Deliveroo also reserves the right to request proof of eligibility at any time, ensuring compliance with the outlined criteria.

Entry Period

The entry period for the promotion commences at 9:00 am (UK time) on August 31, 2023, and concludes at 11:59 pm (UK time) on October 31, 2023. During this timeframe, individuals interested in participating in the Promotion can submit their entries. Participants need to note the specified dates and times to ensure their entries are submitted within the time.

How to Participate

Steps to Redeem the Offer

Participating in the 7OFF7ROO Promotion is straightforward and entails a simple process. Firstly, entrants are required to log into their Deliveroo account through the Deliveroo website or app. Next, they need to enter the designated credit code, ‘7OFF7ROO,’ into the voucher and credit tab on the Deliveroo platform. Finally, participants must proceed to place a Qualifying Order, which involves making a paid-for and delivered order with a minimum value of £20 from one of the participating partners displaying the “CODE 7OFF7ROO” badge during the Entry Period.

Qualifying Order Requirements

To participate in the 7OFF7ROO Promotion, entrants need to ensure that their order meets specific requirements to qualify. Firstly, the order must reach or exceed a minimum value set by Deliveroo, typically £20, excluding any excluded products, delivery fees, or service charges. Additionally, participants must select their items from the range offered by participating partners who display the “CODE 7OFF7ROO” badge on the Deliveroo platform. By adhering to these criteria, participants can ensure their order qualifies for the promotional offer and unlock the associated benefits.

Details of the Offer

Number of Available Codes

The 7OFF7ROO Promotion offers a finite number of redemption codes, initially totalling 237,254. However, Deliveroo retains the flexibility to modify this count in response to demand. It’s important for participants to be aware of this limitation and to act promptly to secure their code before the allocation is depleted.

Offer Redemption Process

In the Offer Redemption Process for the 7OFF7ROO Promotion, each unique code provides customers with seven Deliveroo credits, valued at £7 each. These credits can be used towards future orders placed through Deliveroo. It’s important to note that customers are limited to redeeming one code per customer account, ensuring fairness and equal distribution of the promotional benefits among participants.

Offer Conditions and Limitations

The Offer Conditions and Limitations for the 7OFF7ROO Promotion encompass several important factors that participants should consider. These include limitations on the transferability of the offer, a minimum order value requirement, and exclusions of certain products from eligibility. To fully benefit from the offer, customers are advised to carefully review and understand these conditions, ensuring compliance and maximising the value of their redemption.

Liability and Cancellation

Deliver oo’s Liability Statement

In its Liability Statement for the 7OFF7ROO Promotion, Deliveroo details its responsibility regarding the promotion. The statement highlights that Deliveroo may not be held liable for circumstances beyond its control and specifies limitations of liability. This serves to clarify the extent of Deliveroo’s responsibility and helps manage expectations among participants.

Conditions for Cancellation or Variation

Deliveroo retains the authority to modify, suspend, or terminate the promotion under specific conditions. These actions are taken to ensure adherence to relevant laws and to address instances of fraud or error that may arise during the promotion. By exercising this right, Deliveroo aims to maintain the integrity of the promotion and uphold fairness for all participants.

Legal Aspects and Personal Data Handling

Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution

In terms of Legal Aspects and Personal Data Handling for the 7OFF7ROO Promotion, jurisdiction and dispute resolution are specified. The promotion operates under English law, meaning that any legal matters related to the promotion fall under the jurisdiction of English courts. This ensures consistency and clarity in resolving any disputes that may arise during the promotion.

Additionally, participants are provided with information regarding avenues for seeking assistance with consumer rights, emphasising Deliveroo’s commitment to transparency and customer support in addressing any concerns or grievances.

Handling of Personal Data

Regarding the handling of personal data for the 7OFF7ROO promotion, entrants’ personal information is utilised for the administration of the promotion. Deliveroo ensures that this processing aligns with its established privacy policy, safeguarding the confidentiality and security of entrants’ personal data. By adhering to these principles, Deliveroo aims to maintain trust and transparency in its handling of personal information throughout the promotion period.


To sum up, the 7OFF7ROO promotion offers Deliveroo customers an enticing chance to save on their food orders. By carefully grasping the terms and conditions, eligibility requirements, and redemption process outlined in the promotion, participants can make the most of the benefits provided. Customers need to follow these guidelines diligently to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience throughout the promotional period.

Understanding the intricacies of the promotion empowers participants to leverage the savings effectively while enjoying their favourite meals. With a clear understanding of how to participate and redeem the offer, customers can navigate the promotion with confidence, knowing they are maximising their savings on Deliveroo orders. Overall, the 7OFF7ROO Promotion not only provides valuable discounts but also demonstrates Deliveroo’s commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction through accessible and rewarding promotions.


Can I combine multiple offer codes for a single order?

No, each customer can redeem only one code per order.

Are there any restrictions on the types of products I can purchase with the offer?

Yes, age-restricted products are not eligible for purchase using the offer.

What happens if the maximum redemption limit is reached before the promotion end date?

Deliveroo may withdraw the offer, and any unused codes may be placed back in the available credit pool.

How long is the offer valid?

The offer is valid until October 31, 2023, subject to any variations or cancellations by Deliveroo.

What should I do if I encounter issues with redeeming the offer?

Customers can reach out to Deliveroo’s support team for assistance via email at support@deliveroo.co.uk.

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