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Thinking about dental implants? Are there five things you should be aware of?

If you have lost your teeth, there are many options other than conventional dental bridges or removable dentures. Suitable for the needs of current society, dental implants are the most effective and promising alternative for individuals with missing teeth and gaps.

For missing teeth, Plano dental implants provide a natural appearance and are highly recommended. Surgically placed in your mouth, this artificial fitting operates independently, requiring no support. You can restore your confident and aesthetic smile with long-lasting dental implants.

When contemplating dental implants for your smile, there are several things to consider.

Here are the necessary things you must know before going for a dental implant procedure at Pinnacle Dental in Plano.

Understand the Workings of Dental Implants

There are two methods involved in the dental implant procedure, as listed below:

  • The endosteal method, which directly places cylindrical or root-shaped implants into the jawbone, is very common. In these methods, dental restoration ranges from single-tooth to full-arch dental replacements.
  • For full-arch tooth replacement, very complicated situations call for the subperiosteal method. This method involves placing implants under the gums and over the jawbone.

Know what to expect.

For dental implants, you are required to visit your dentist for dental examinations, which may include an evaluation of the mouth. Your dentist completes the treatment in a single visit. However, more complex situations may require several surgical appointments.

We will use advanced techniques and equipment during surgery to ensure a comfortable implant treatment. After this, you will get your natural and beautiful smile.

Commitment to oral hygiene

While having no cavities is a benefit of dental implants, it doesn’t mean you can neglect to maintain proper oral hygiene. Maintaining oral hygiene is crucial when using dental implants, as it can significantly impact their longevity.

You can only get implants with healthy gums and a solid jawbone to provide stand-alone support. Therefore, hygiene should be strictly considered to maintain your oral health.

Price of Dental Implants

Investment in dental implants not only results in good dental health, but also overall mental and psychological satisfaction. Dental implant prices may vary from dentistry to dentistry, depending on the type of material and technology used.

However, dental implants are the most cost-effective solutions because of their long durability, which makes them a preferred alternative over other tooth restoration procedures.

Make an appointment.

It is important to consult with your dentist for tooth restoration. The professionals deliver the right suggestions regarding dental implant benefits and possible consequences. They also allow you to understand the side effects of other tooth replacement options, which may start to appear over time.

If you are considering dental implants, you should always approach a dentist with specialized knowledge and equipment for the best results.


A dental implant is a permanent solution that requires some funds for treatment and aftercare. Before considering this procedure, you should know how it works, its benefits, how to care for it, etc. You can only obtain true information from an expert. This is because experts have met the key education, training, and standards to make the implant procedure simple and satisfying.

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