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Equinox RTC: A Holistic Approach to Adolescent Treatment

Equinox RTC is a well-known place where teenagers who are having a hard time with their feelings and behaviours can go to get help. It’s a special place because it’s all about being caring and making sure each teenager gets the help they need. At Equinox, teenagers are looked after all the time, and there are programmes designed just for them. These programmes are made to fit each teenager’s needs exactly.

Equinox believes in helping teenagers in every way possible, so they can feel better and have a better life. It’s like a guiding light for teenagers and their families, showing them the way to a happier tomorrow.

Understanding Residential Treatment centres

Residential treatment centres (RTCs) are places where teenagers who are going through tough times with their emotions and behaviours can get a lot of help. Unlike regular therapy, where you go for a little while and then leave, RTCs are places where teenagers stay for a while and get help all day, every day from people who know a lot about helping teenagers.

At RTCs, teenagers have different kinds of therapy, like talking one-on-one or in groups, getting help with schoolwork, and doing activities that help them learn and grow. RTCs want to help teenagers deal with what’s bothering them and make things better in the long run by giving them lots of support and care in a safe place.

The Philosophy of Equinox

At Equinox, they believe every teenager deserves kindness, respect, and special care. They don’t just try to fix surface problems; they look deeper to understand what’s really happening. Their goal is to make a safe and supportive place where teenagers can talk about their feelings and learn new ways to handle them. They work with each teenager to make a plan that fits them, using methods that have been proven to work. The aim is to help teenagers overcome challenges, become stronger, and do well in all parts of their lives.

Therapeutic Approaches at Equinox

Individual Therapy

Teenagers can talk one-on-one with a person who knows a lot about helping them. They keep everything private, so teenagers feel safe sharing their thoughts and feelings. This helps teenagers figure out what’s bothering them and learn how to deal with it better.

Group Therapy

Teenagers can also talk with other teenagers who might be going through similar things. These group discussions and activities, run by people who know how to help, teach teenagers to connect with others, comprehend various viewpoints, and support one another.

Family Therapy

Equinox RTC knows that family is really important in helping teenagers feel better. They have sessions where parents and guardians join in to talk together. These sessions focus on making communication better, solving problems, and making family bonds stronger to help the teenager get better.

Academic Program

Equinox RTC offers a fully accredited academic programme by NWAC, ensuring adolescents maintain academic progress during treatment. Skilled teachers give each student personalised help based on how they learn best. They help students catch up if they’ve missed school, do well in hard subjects, and get ready for tests. At Equinox RTC, education goes hand-in-hand with therapy. This means that while teenagers are working on their feelings and behaviour, they’re also doing schoolwork. Equinox RTC helps teenagers do better in school and feel better emotionally, setting them up for a bright future.

Adventure Therapy

At Equinox RTC, adventure therapy means doing outdoor activities and facing challenges to help teenagers grow, feel more confident, and work together. They do things like hiking, camping, and ropes courses, which help them become stronger and better at solving problems. These adventures aren’t just about physical challenges; they also teach important life skills and make teenagers feel proud of what they can do. Overall, adventure therapy at Equinox RTC helps teenagers become more resilient and appreciate their abilities more.

Experiential Therapy

At Equinox RTC, experiential therapy means using activities and art to help teenagers understand and deal with their feelings without just talking. They do things like art, music, and spending time with horses to express themselves and feel better. These activities let teenagers connect with their emotions and learn more about themselves without using words. Overall, experiential therapy at Equinox RTC helps teenagers become more aware of their feelings and grow emotionally in different ways.

Life Skills Development

Equinox RTC emphasizes the importance of practical life skills in preparing adolescents for independent living. Life skills workshops and activities cover areas such as communication, time management, budgeting, and self-care, empowering adolescents to navigate the challenges of adulthood successfully.

Health and Wellness Program

A focus on holistic well-being is central to the treatment approach at Equinox RTC. Nutritious meals, regular exercise, mindfulness practices, and stress management techniques promote physical health, emotional balance, and overall vitality.

Transition and Aftercare Support

As adolescents prepare to transition back to their home environments or step down to less intensive levels of care, Equinox RTC provides comprehensive aftercare planning and support. Alumni services, ongoing therapy, and community resources ensure continued success and stability post-treatment.

Success Stories

Numerous success stories stand as testimonials to the effectiveness of Equinox RTC’s approach. Former clients have gone on to lead fulfilling lives, pursuing their academic, career, and personal goals with confidence and resilience.


Equinox RTC stands as a beacon of hope for adolescents and families facing mental health challenges. With its holistic approach, individualised care, and commitment to excellence, Equinox RTC empowers adolescents to reclaim their lives, rediscover their potential, and embrace a brighter future.


What ages does Equinox RTC serve?

Equinox RTC provides treatment for adolescents aged 14–18.

How long is the typical length of stay at Equinox RTC?

The length of stay varies depending on individual needs but typically ranges from 6-12 months.

Is Equinox RTC accredited?

Yes, the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) has accredited Equinox RTC.

What types of mental health issues does Equinox RTC address?

Equinox RTC specialises in treating a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and behavioural disorders.

Does Equinox RTC offer family therapy?

Yes, Equinox RTC incorporates family therapy as an integral part of the treatment process to address familial dynamics and promote healing.

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