Expert Dash Cam Showdown

Expert Dash Cam Showdown: Top 3 Cams Reviewed


A dash cam can help with insurance claims. Also, it can help you keep track of your vehicle when parked and record video memories of any road tour. The best dashboard camera will capture clear videos and is straightforward to install and operate.

Do you drive frequently? Or are you a rideshare motorist? If you are looking for the best dash cam on the market, look no further. This article explores the dash cam world. It provides you with the top three cams reviewed by specialists. Read further to know why they are among the top three:


Nexar produces a line of dashboard cameras designed with mobile device integration in mind. The brand’s mid-level camera, Nexar Pro Dash Cam, offers interior and front recording at a resolution of 1080p.

What makes this dashboard camera top the list is how easy it’s to set up and use. With everything packaged and labeled, Nexar Pro Dash Cam comes with a microSD card. Its recording is top-notch and you can download footage through a mobile application. Other dash cams from the brand include:


  • Nexar dash cams seamlessly integrate with smartphones for easy access to stored information
  • Emergency alerts to family and friends
  • All videos are safely backed up to an unlimited Nexar cloud free of charge


  • Some models, especially Scosche NEXS1 are challenging to adjust once installed


Vantrue designs and creates some of the best all-around dash cams with top-notch recording solutions. This brand has various models under its name, including Vantrue N2S and Vantrue N2 Pro. The Vantrue N2S model is among the top-rated night vision dash cams. Its optimum low-light resolution offered by the brand’s advanced image sensors and infrared night vision lights makes it further stand out from the crowd.


  • Adjustable rear-facing camera
  • Dual cameras capture video inside the car and on the road
  • Automatic parking mode


  • No companion smartphone application or built-in connectivity


Garmin provides a vast array of dash cameras. Each model comes with various features, sizes, and price points. Its Mini 2 is the most popular model. It’s designed to be small and straightforward to use. The dash cam doesn’t have extra features, however, it perfectly and reliably performs a dash camera’s most vital function. It can record and store clear videos of your road trip.


  • Driver-assist features
  • Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity
  • Local and cloud video storage


  • Some features need a subscription

Need an affordable, reliable dash cam? Whether it’s for insurance, security, or anything in between, you should consider these top three brands and their popular dashboard cameras. Nexar dash cams record with excellent clarity and are easy to use.

Garmin cams make the most compact dash cameras, while Vantrue offers the most user-friendly dash cameras. Consider your needs before picking your favorite dash camera from a leading provider.

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