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How to Style a Curly Wig: Tips and Techniques

Do you want to effortlessly switch up your hairstyle anytime, anywhere? A wig can help you do just that. Curly wigs, in particular, are popular for their unique charm and versatility. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, different curly styles can show a variety of looks. From natural curls and waves to spirals, these wigs add a touch of vitality and fashion. Luvme 13×5 Ready to Go Frontal Glueless HD Lace Long Curly Wig allows you to easily change your style to suit any occasion, ensuring you always look your best.

Preparing Your Curly Wig for Styling

  1. Moisturizing Spray: Keeps your curly wig wet and shiny.
  2. Leave-In Conditioner: Provides long-lasting moisture, making your curly wig soft and manageable.
  3. Curl-Enhancing Gel: Offers a strong hold to maintain the shape of your curly wig.
  4. Hair Oil or Serum: Enhances shine, prevents dryness, and reduces tangles.
  5. Fine-Tooth Comb: For detangling and separating hair sections.
  6. Hair Clips and Bands: For securing and sectioning your hair.

Step-by-Step Styling a Curly Wig:  Luvme 13×5 Ready to Go Frontal Glueless HD Lace Long Curly Wig.

Luvme 13×5 Ready to Go Frontal Glueless HD Lace Long Curly Wig is made from real human hair, offering a natural and beautiful look that blends seamlessly with your skin. The glueless wigs can achieve any style you desire without the need for glue, making them incredibly easy to use. Its glueless design means you don’t have to wait for glue to melt, significantly reducing the time needed to style your hair. In summary, this wig not only makes you look stunning and radiant but also saves you valuable time, giving you the best of both worlds. Here are the key features of Luvme Hair’s glueless wigs:

  • Knotless Ready: Our glueless wigs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a seamless and natural-looking hairline that effortlessly blends with your tresses, creating an undetectable transition.
  • Well-Plucked Ready: Designed by PreMax technology, each wig undergoes a thorough pre-plucking process, ensuring a stunning, ready-to-wear appearance right out of the box – no extra effort required.
  • No Glue Melt to Go: Invisi-Edge HD Lace bestows our wigs with an imperceptible hairline that melts seamlessly into your skin, delivering a truly undetectable finish.
  • Beginner Friendly: Luvme Hair’s glueless wigs make achieving a natural-looking frontal a breeze, perfect for newcomers and those seeking a fuss-free styling solution.

So, how do you style your curly wig to achieve the look you want? Here are some tips for styling your curly wig:

STEP 1:Moisturize and Hydrate

Before styling your curly wig, start with some basic moisturizing to give it a shiny appearance.

  • Evenly spray a moisturizing mist on the wig, especially focusing on the ends that tend to dry out. This will keep the wig hydrated and shiny.
  • Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner from mid-length to the ends, avoiding the roots to prevent the wig from looking greasy.

STEP 2: Section and Detangle

This step involves a simple detangling process to make styling easier.

  • Use a fine-tooth comb to divide the wig into small sections, ensuring each part is evenly treated.
  • Secure each section with hair clips or bands, making it easier to style each part individually.

STEP 3: Style and Set

Using curl-enhancing gel can help you achieve the desired style and maintain it throughout the day.

  • Apply a small amount of curl-enhancing gel to each section of hair, enhancing the curls’ shape and elasticity.
  • Gently comb through with your fingers or a fine-tooth comb to evenly distribute the gel and adjust the curls to your desired shape.
  • You can also use hair oil or serum to add extra shine and prevent dryness and tangling.

STEP 4: Secure and Adjust

Based on your ideal hairstyle, you can secure and adjust the existing style.

  • After styling, use hair clips to hold the curls in place, ensuring they maintain the desired shape.
  • Adjust the hairstyle as needed to ensure each part looks perfect and meets your expectations.


Styling your curly wig can suit any occasion, helping you look your best anytime, anywhere. Luvme 13×5 Ready to Go Frontal Glueless HD Lace Long Curly Wig, with its natural, seamless hairline and glueless design, is the perfect choice. This wig is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to create a stunning hairstyle quickly and easily. It’s ideal for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of wigs, as well as busy professionals who need a quick and efficient styling solution. 

With the Luvme 13×5 Ready to Go Frontal Glueless HD Lace Long Curly Wig, you can effortlessly achieve a variety of looks, from casual to glamorous. Whether you’re heading to work, a special event, or just running errands, this wig ensures you always look polished and put together. Embrace the versatility and beauty of this wig, and let it help you shine with confidence wherever you go.

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