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How to register on the ICV platform and apply for an ICV certificate?

The ICV Certificate assesses a company’s contribution to the UAE based on indicators like local manufacturing and sourcing costs, investments, employment of Emiratis, revenue generation, and more. It aims to encourage businesses to boost their in-country value or socioeconomic footprint. Obtaining certification has therefore become important for companies seeking to win contracts from Participating Entities under the program. This article provides a comprehensive guide to registering on the ICV Platform and applying for an ICV Certificate.

Registering your Company

To start the process of obtaining an ICV certificate in the UAE, suppliers need to first register their company on the MoIAT ICV Platform. Here are the steps to register:

  1. Visit the ICV Platform website at https://icv.moiat.gov.ae/
  2. Log in using your UAE Pass credentials
  3. If your company does not have an existing profile, click the “Register Company” button
  4. Fill out the company registration form providing details like company name, license number, address etc.
  5. Complete the registration process

Once registered, your company profile will be created on the ICV Platform.

Applying for an ICV Certificate UAE

After registering your company, you can apply for an ICV certificate in the UAE using the following steps:

  1. Log in to the ICV Platform using your UAE Pass credentials
  2. On the main dashboard, click on the “Bidding Process” tab
  3. Click “Select CBs” to choose Certifying Bodies you want quotes from
  4. Select at least 2-3 Certifying Bodies from the list
  5. Complete the questionnaire providing your company details
  6. Click “Request Quote” – the selected CBs will provide price quotations
  7. Review the quotes and accept one by clicking “Accept Quote”
  8. The selected CB will upload a signed engagement letter
  9. Populate the ICV Certificate details by filling the online template
  10. The CB will review, approve and generate the ICV Certificate

Filling the ICV Template

The ICV Template consists of different sections to capture details required to calculate the ICV score

General InformationCompany details, financial year, license etc.
Manufacturing CostFor manufacturers – cost breakdown
Third Party SpendFor service providers, vendor spend details
InvestmentFixed asset details within/outside UAE
EmiratizationNumber of Emirati employees, salaries etc.
Expatriate ContributionNumber of expat employees, salaries etc.
RevenueSales/income figures
Bonus SectionsCalculated additional scores

Suppliers need to fill out each section by referring to their audited financial statements. The online template auto-calculates the ICV score.

Final Steps

Once the template is completely filled, the Certifying Body will:

  1. Verify all entered details
  2. Conduct sample checks of supporting documents
  3. Review calculations and ensure guideline compliance
  4. Approve and generate the system ICV Certificate

The certificate is valid for 14 months from the financial statement date. Suppliers can use it to participate in government tenders by submitting to relevant authorities.

Benefits of Obtaining an ICV Certificate in the UAE

Here are some of the key benefits of obtaining an ICV Certificate for suppliers in the UAE:

  • Eligibility to bid for government contracts and tenders: An ICV Certificate is mandatory for suppliers to participate in bids and procurement announcements by Participating Entities in the program. It certifies compliance with local content requirements.
  • Increased competitiveness: The ICV score demonstrates a company’s level of local economic contribution. A higher score makes suppliers more competitive in government bids where ICV is an evaluated criterion.
  • Access to local supplier databases: Certified suppliers are listed on the ICV Platform database, increasing their visibility to both private and public sector buyers.
  • Recognition for local commitment: The certificate is a mark of distinction that highlights a company’s support towards the UAE’s self-sufficiency and socio-economic growth agenda.
  • Boost local sourcing and revenue: Suppliers strive to raise their ICV score by increasing purchases from local manufacturers and service providers in the UAE. This has a multiplier effect on the domestic industry and economy.
  • Incentive for job creation: Higher ICV scores are achieved through the employment of Emirati nationals. This supports the national agenda for job opportunities for UAE citizens.
  • Facilitates foreign investment: By increasing local investments, companies also get associated benefits like visa sponsorships that support their long-term business growth.

ICV certification opens up new market opportunities while encouraging sustainable business practices aligned with the country’s vision.


Q1. How often can an ICV Certificate be obtained?

A1. Certificates can be obtained annually based on the previous financial year’s audited statements. However, the validity is 14 months from the statement date.

Q2. What if we don’t have audited financials yet?

A2. For new companies within the first 10 months, unaudited management accounts can be used. Anything beyond 10 months requires audited statements.

Q3. Can we change the Certifying Body after initiating the application?

A3. Once a Certifying Body has been selected and an engagement letter signed, the supplier cannot change CB without valid reasons.

Consult Top ICV Experts in UAE

Obtaining the ICV Certificate UAE has become indispensable for companies aspiring to engage in government contracts and tenders within the UAE. Through registration on the MoIAT ICV Platform and acquiring this certification, suppliers can highlight their role in bolstering the local economy and advancing sustainable development objectives. While the registration, certification application, and completion of the ICV Template may appear complex at first glance, adhering to the systematic instructions outlined in this guide streamlines the process considerably. It’s advisable for all suppliers, be they manufacturers or service providers, to seek assistance from an ICV certificate consultant in the UAE to ensure the acquisition of a valid ICV certificate in the UAE. Consult us today, and we will be glad to assist you.

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