Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: KAC Model United Nations (KACMUN) 2023-2024 Program

In the heart of the Korean American community’s dedication to education and leadership development lies the cornerstone program known as the KAC Model United Nations (KACMUN), a beacon of excellence and empowerment for middle and high school students. As the curtain rises on the 2023–2024 academic year, KACMUN takes centre stage, heralding its status as the longest consecutively running program in the Korean American community. A virtual oasis for skill cultivation, KACMUN beckons students on a transformative journey where the art of public speaking, negotiation, research, critical analysis, and leadership meld into a symphony of growth and achievement.

Guiding aspiring leaders from September 2023 to May 2024, the program unfolds in a meticulously crafted 2.5-hour virtual session each week. Beyond the digital realm, the in-person MUN conferences held over the weekends provide a tangible arena for students to apply their newfound knowledge. With a legacy firmly rooted in past successes, the 2023-2024 KACMUN Program promises to weave a narrative of triumph, building on the remarkable achievements of the previous year, where students not only excelled in prestigious conferences but also spearheaded a student-led internal conference and actively engaged in a Community Advocacy Project.

In the embrace of KACMUN’s inclusive ethos, eligibility extends to middle and high school students entering grades 8th-11th, welcoming newcomers with open arms and providing a platform for returning 12th-grade students. While the allure of MUN beckons from Southern California, the program stands as a testament to its commitment to inclusivity, offering need-based financial assistance for those eager to embark on this transformative journey. As the curtain rises on the 2023-2024 KACMUN Program, a tapestry of opportunity, achievement, and growth unfurls, inviting students to step into a world where their potential knows no bounds.

Program Structure: Nurturing Skills in a Virtual Landscape

Embarking on the 2023-2024 KACMUN Program is a commitment to a holistic and structured learning experience. Spanning from September 2023 to May 2024, participants will find themselves immersed in a 2.5-hour virtual session each week. This virtual classroom becomes a crucible for the development of essential skills such as public speaking, negotiation, research, writing, critical analysis, and leadership.

Real-world Application: In-person MUN Conferences

Beyond the virtual realm, the program comes alive during in-person Model United Nations (MUN) conferences held over the weekends. These conferences not only serve as a testing ground for the skills acquired in the virtual classroom but also provide a unique opportunity for students to engage with real-world scenarios. The fusion of theoretical knowledge and practical application sets the stage for a transformative learning journey.

Achievements and Opportunities: Building Leaders of Tomorrow

The 2022-2023 academic year bore witness to the remarkable achievements of KACMUN students. Having actively participated in two conferences, students clinched eight awards from prestigious institutions like UCLA BruinMUN and USC MUN conference. Moreover, the program facilitated a student-led internal conference and actively participated in a Community Advocacy Project, underlining its commitment to shaping not just adept MUN participants but future leaders with a keen sense of community engagement.

Eligibility and Inclusivity: A Welcoming Community for All

The doors of KACMUN swing wide open, inviting middle and high school students entering grades 8th–11th to join this empowering journey. The program extends a warm embrace to newcomers, irrespective of prior Model United Nations (MUN) experience. Additionally, returning 12th-grade students are encouraged to apply, ensuring that the community thrives on a diverse mix of experience and fresh perspectives.

Geographical Focus: Southern California Roots

While KACMUN opens its virtual doors to aspiring leaders across Southern California, it is vital to note that this year’s program specifically caters to students based in the region. This localized focus aims to foster a strong sense of community and collaboration among participants, grounding the program in the rich cultural tapestry of Southern California.

Financial Assistance: Bridging Gaps for Inclusive Participation

KACMUN is committed to inclusivity, recognizing that financial barriers should not hinder passionate students from participating. Need-based financial assistance is available for eligible applicants, providing a lifeline for those who may require support. For detailed information on financial assistance, prospective participants are encouraged to reach out to Jeany Choi at info@kacla.org or call (213) 365-5999.

Application Process: Charting a Course for Success

To set sail on the KACMUN journey, aspiring participants must navigate the application process diligently. This includes submitting a recent transcript, securing one reference, and crafting thoughtful responses to short questions (300-500 words each). The program fees, with an early bird rate of $135 and a regular rate of $150, ensure accessibility, while a monthly fee of $75 collected at the start of each month sustains the continuous learning experience. Additional fees apply for MUN conferences, providing participants with opportunities beyond the virtual classroom. Financial Assistance:

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, KACMUN offers need-based financial assistance for eligible applicants. This ensures that students with a passion for MUN can participate, regardless of their financial background. For more details on financial assistance, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Jeany Choi at info@kacla.org or call (213) 365-5999.


The KACMUN Program stands as a testament to the Korean American community’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. By providing a dynamic and inclusive platform for learning and growth, KACMUN empowers students to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, and advocates for positive change. As the 2023-2024 program kicks off, the legacy of excellence continues, promising another year of transformative experiences for aspiring leaders in Southern California.

Who is eligible to apply for the KACMUN Program for the 2023-2024 academic year?

Middle and high school students entering grades 8th–11th are eligible, with returning 12th-grade students also encouraged to apply.

What is the geographical focus of the program?

The program is specifically open to students based in Southern California, fostering a sense of community within the region.

Is prior Model United Nations (MUN) experience required to participate in KACMUN?

No, the program warmly welcomes newcomers without any prior MUN experience, creating an inclusive learning environment.

Are there financial assistance options available for participants?

Yes, need-based financial assistance is available to ensure inclusivity. Interested individuals can contact Jeany Choi for more information.

What does the application process entail, and what are the associated fees?

The application process includes submitting a recent transcript, securing one reference, and responding to short questions. Program fees vary, with an early bird rate, a regular rate, and additional fees for Model United Nations conferences.

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