#MyMadeInKe Birthday: A Celebration of Kenyan Excellence

Entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami is ready to redefine the meaning of a birthday celebration in a world where individualistic endeavours and materialistic celebrations predominate. Renowned for her successful ventures, including the widely acclaimed @marini.naturals, Michelle Ntalami is gearing up for a birthday extravaganza with a profound twist. Breaking away from the norm, she has decided to illuminate the spotlight on the diverse and thriving businesses of her home country, Kenya, for this year’s unique birthday photoshoot.

Embracing a spirit of gratitude and reciprocity, Michelle Ntalami seeks to shift the focus from receiving to giving. As her special day approaches in June, she plans to exclusively showcase and promote products from local Kenyan brands, creating an unprecedented celebration she’s aptly coined #MyMadeInKe Birthday. This revolutionary concept not only emphasizes the richness of Kenyan creativity but also positions the celebration as a meaningful gesture of support for the local business community. By weaving together a tapestry of Kenyan innovation, Michelle Ntalami hopes to inspire others to appreciate and champion the diverse excellence that resides within the country’s borders.

The Concept:

In a departure from conventional birthday norms, #MyMadeInKe Birthday emerges as a celebration with a purpose. Michelle Ntalami’s visionary concept transforms the upcoming photoshoot into a vibrant tapestry of Kenyan creativity, with each frame telling a story of local innovation and craftsmanship.

This unconventional birthday celebration serves as a powerful reminder that birthdays can be more than personal milestones; they can be catalysts for community upliftment. By exclusively featuring Kenyan brands in her photoshoot, Michelle Ntalami seeks to amplify the voices of local businesses and underscore the importance of supporting homegrown talent.

As the anticipation for #MyMadeInKe Birthday builds, it becomes evident that this is not just about capturing stunning visuals but fostering a sense of pride and unity within the Kenyan business ecosystem. The concept transcends the confines of a traditional photoshoot, evolving into a movement that encourages everyone to take part in the celebration of Kenya’s rich entrepreneurial spirit.

The Hashtag:

Beyond its role as a promotional tool, #MyMadeInKe has evolved into a community-building initiative that transcends geographical boundaries. This movement encourages a sense of pride and collective identity among Kenyan consumers, fostering a deeper connection with the diverse array of local products and services.

Through Michelle Ntalami’s influential platform, the campaign creates a virtual marketplace where consumers can directly engage with Kenyan brands. This direct interaction provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive real-time feedback, understand consumer preferences, and tailor their offerings to better serve the local market.

Moreover, the hashtag becomes a catalyst for dialogue, sparking conversations around the significance of supporting homegrown businesses. Social media users actively share their experiences with different Kenyan brands, creating a ripple effect that amplifies the visibility of local businesses even further.

The Message:

Beyond the glitz and glamour of a birthday photoshoot, #MyMadeInKe sends a powerful message about the strength and potential of the Kenyan business ecosystem. It encourages consumers to explore and appreciate the wealth of talent and craftsmanship that exists within the country’s borders.

Michelle Ntalami believes that by highlighting and promoting Kenyan brands, she can contribute to the growth and sustainability of local businesses, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

How to participate:

Kenyan brands and businesses interested in participating in #MyMadeInKe can reach out to Michelle Ntalami through her social media platforms. By showcasing their products during the birthday photoshoot, these businesses gain exposure to a wider audience and benefit from the support of an influential figure in the Kenyan entrepreneurial landscape.


#MyMadeInKe Birthday is more than just a celebration; it’s a call to action for everyone to rally behind the incredible talent and innovation within Kenya. Michelle Ntalami’s unique approach to marking another year of life sets an inspiring example for others to consider how they can give back to their communities and contribute to the growth of local businesses. As June approaches, the anticipation for #MyMadeInKe Birthday continues to grow, promising a celebration of Kenyan excellence that transcends traditional birthday festivities.

What inspired #MyMadeInKe’s birthday?

Entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami aimed to redefine birthdays by spotlighting and supporting Kenyan businesses for a unique celebration.

How does #MyMadeInKe go beyond a traditional birthday photoshoot?

It transforms into a movement, emphasizing community upliftment and encouraging pride in Kenya’s entrepreneurial spirit.

What role does Michelle Ntalami play in the campaign?

Michelle Ntalami serves as the catalyst, using her influential platform to create a virtual marketplace for Kenyan brands.

What is the significance of the hashtag as a community-building initiative?

#MyMadeInKe fosters collective identity and pride among Kenyan consumers, connecting them with diverse local products and services.

How can Kenyan brands participate in #MyMadeInKe?

Kenyan brands can showcase their products by reaching out to Michelle Ntalami through her social media platforms for the birthday photoshoot, gaining exposure and support.

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