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Comprehensive Guide to Rushmore Servicing

Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, commonly referred to as Rushmore Servicing, is a prominent mortgage servicer in the United States. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of Rushmore Servicing, including its services, processes, and how it manages various aspects of mortgage loans. We will cover topics like loan payments, account management, customer care, and more, making this a comprehensive guide for homeowners and borrowers.

Introduction to Rushmore Servicing

Rushmore Servicing, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, specializes in the management of mortgage loans. Their primary goal is to assist homeowners in managing their loans effectively and ensuring timely payments. As a mortgage servicer, Rushmore handles loan payments, manages escrow accounts, and provides customer support for borrowers.

Services Offered by Rushmore Servicing

Rushmore Servicing offers a wide range of services to homeowners, which include:

  1. Loan Management Services
  2. Payment Processing
  3. Escrow Management
  4. Customer Care and Support
  5. Insurance and Tax Management

Understanding Loan Management Services

Loan management is a crucial service provided by Rushmore Servicing. It involves the administration of mortgage loans from the time they are issued until they are fully paid off. Here’s a closer look at what loan management services entail:

Loan Management Services

Rushmore Servicing handles all aspects of loan management, including:

  • Processing Loan Payments: Ensuring that all payments are processed accurately and on time.
  • Managing Escrow Accounts: Handling escrow payments for property taxes and insurance.
  • Providing Customer Support: Offering assistance to borrowers with any questions or concerns regarding their loans.

Payment Processing and Account Management

One of the primary responsibilities of Rushmore Servicing is processing loan payments. This includes:

Payment Processing Hours

Rushmore’s payment processing hours are typically during standard business hours, Monday through Friday. Borrowers need to make payments within these hours to ensure they are processed on time.

Methods of Payment

Borrowers have several options to make their loan payments, including:

  • Online Payments: Through Rushmore’s web portal, borrowers can make payments directly from their bank accounts.
  • Automatic Payments: Setting up automatic payments ensures that monthly payments are made on time without manual intervention.
  • Phone Payments: Payments can also be made via phone during business hours.
  • Mail Payments: Borrowers can send checks to Rushmore’s P.O. Box.

Online Account Management

Rushmore Servicing offers an online account management system where borrowers can:

  • View Loan Details: Check loan balance, payment history, and due dates.
  • Make Payments: Set up one-time or automatic payments.
  • Access Documents: Download statements, mortgage notes, and insurance documents.

Customer Care and Support

Rushmore prides itself on providing excellent customer care and support. Borrowers can reach out for assistance via various channels.

Customer Care Services

Rushmore’s customer care team can assist with:

  • Payment Inquiries: Questions about payment amounts, due dates, and grace periods.
  • Loan Management: Assistance with managing loans and setting up automatic payments.
  • Insurance and Taxes: Help with escrow accounts, including property tax and insurance payments.

Contacting Customer Care

Borrowers can contact Rushmore’s customer care via:

  • Phone: Customer care is available during business hours.
  • Email: For non-urgent inquiries.
  • Online Chat: Available on the Rushmore website.

Interpreter Services

For borrowers who require assistance in languages other than English, Rushmore provides interpreter services to ensure clear communication.

Insurance and Tax Management

Managing insurance and property taxes is a critical component of mortgage servicing. Rushmore ensures that:

  • Insurance Policies: Homeowners maintain adequate insurance coverage.
  • Property Taxes: Property taxes are paid on time through escrow accounts.

Insurance Documents

Borrowers can upload and manage their insurance documents through the online portal. Rushmore ensures that all required insurance is up to date to protect both the borrower and the lender’s interests.

Flood Insurance and FEMA

For properties in flood-prone areas, Rushmore ensures compliance with FEMA regulations by maintaining appropriate flood insurance coverage.

Handling Loan Transfers

When a loan is transferred from one servicer to another, Rushmore manages the transition smoothly to minimize any disruption to borrowers.

Transfer Date and Previous Servicer

Borrowers are notified of the transfer date and provided with information about their new servicer. Rushmore coordinates with the prior servicer to ensure all account information is accurately transferred.

Grace Period During Transfer

During the transfer period, a grace period is often provided to allow borrowers to adjust to the new payment processing system without incurring late fees.

Late Fees and Payment Due Dates

Timely payments are crucial to avoid late fees. Rushmore provides clear information on:

  • Due Dates: The date by which payments must be received to avoid late fees.
  • Grace Period: An additional period after the due date during which payments can be made without penalty.
  • Late Fees: Fees assessed for payments received after the grace period.

Automated Loan Information

Rushmore offers automated loan information services, allowing borrowers to access loan details anytime via phone or online.

Automated Phone Service

Borrowers can use the automated phone service to:

  • Check Loan Balances: Get up-to-date information on loan balances and payment history.
  • Make Payments: Make payments using a credit card or bank account.

Online Payments Video

Rushmore provides instructional videos on their website to guide borrowers through the online payment process.

Home Loan Benefits

Rushmore Servicing supports various types of home loans, including VA loans and conventional mortgages.

VA Loans

For veterans, Rushmore offers specialized services for VA loans, including assistance with refinancing and understanding VA loan benefits.

Refinance Options

Borrowers looking to refinance their mortgages can get support from Rushmore to explore different refinancing options and find the best rates.

Ensuring Data Security

Rushmore prioritizes the security of borrowers’ personal and financial information.

Social Security Number Protection

Strict protocols are in place to protect sensitive information like social security numbers.

Secure Web Browser Access

Borrowers are encouraged to use secure web browsers and keep their login information confidential to prevent unauthorized access to their accounts.


Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive mortgage servicing solutions. From processing payments to managing escrow accounts and offering exceptional customer care, Rushmore ensures that borrowers have the support they need to manage their home loans effectively. By leveraging technology and maintaining a customer-focused approach, Rushmore continues to be a trusted name in mortgage servicing. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned borrower, Rushmore Servicing is equipped to help you navigate the complexities of mortgage management with ease.


What services does Rushmore Servicing offer?

Rushmore Servicing provides loan management, payment processing, escrow management, customer care, and insurance and tax management services.

How can I make a payment to Rushmore Servicing?

Payments can be made online, via automatic payments, by phone, or through the mail.

What should I do if my loan is transferred to Rushmore?

You will be notified of the transfer date and given a grace period to adjust to the new payment system.

How can I contact Rushmore Servicing’s customer care?

Customer care can be reached by phone, email, or online chat during business hours.

How does Rushmore ensure the security of my personal information?

Rushmore uses strict protocols to protect sensitive information, including social security numbers and encourages secure web browser access.

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