Suggestions for Using Sex Toys

9 Great Suggestions for Using Sex Toys as a Couple

If you feel that your sex life with your partner lacks passion, then sex toys are a great way to rekindle your passion. Sex toys are known to give men and women a different kind of sensual experience than sex, and they can not only help you during masturbation but also add a lot of fun during sex. As long as you are willing to try this new way of having sex with your partner, you will have a happier and more satisfying sex life.

If you don’t know how to introduce sex toys into your sex life in the right way, in this article I’m going to give you some practical advice to help you and your partner introduce sex toys into your sex life in the right way.

How to Incorporate Sex Toys into Couple’s Play

Adding sex toys to sex can give a very exciting feeling. If you want to add more passion to sex with your partner, then you need to first understand your partner’s desires and bottom line. It is important to communicate with your partner in advance before starting this activity. Since not everyone is comfortable with the idea of adding sex toys to their sex life, it is important to get your partner’s consent before trying it out.

1. Ensure Mutual Consent

First of all, it is important to make sure that both partners agree to the use of sex toys. Ask the partner if she would like to use sex toys, and after understanding what she thinks, allay any concerns she may have. If the other person thinks that she is joining the sex toy because she is not satisfied with her sex life or she does not like the way the other person is behaving, then make sure that you calm the other person down by explaining that joining the sex toy is just for the novelty of the experience and to increase the pleasure that you share with each other. To avoid misunderstanding and negative emotions.

2. Shop Together

If you are both beginners with sex toys, then this would be a great time for you to develop a sense of intimacy. Buy your favourite sex toys with each other, and while doing so, you can also communicate with each other about your mutual preferences and sexual fetishes, and discuss your fantasies and desires to your heart’s content, which will not only enable you to find the right sex toy for you but also gain better intimacy. If you want to buy sex toys from an online store, you can choose to pick up your favourite sex toys from, where many items are currently on sale!

3. Explore Beyond Genital Stimulation

Sex toys can be used not only on the genitals but also on other parts of the body as a means of foreplay or flirting. Sex toys can be added to assist when giving a massage, or they can be used to explore sensitive areas of the body to help you and your partner achieve a deeper level of intimacy.

4. Experiment with Edging

Edging is a very effective form of flirting and foreplay, one that involves abruptly stopping stimulation when your partner is close to orgasm, keeping your partner teetering on the edge of orgasm. Adding sex toys to this activity can enhance the sensual experience, deepen the intimacy between you, and you become more aware of your partner’s pleasure and orgasmic thresholds.

5. Enhance Penetrative Sex

The vast majority of women have difficulty relying on penetration alone for orgasms, and adding sex toys can add extra pleasure. For example, using a clitoral sucker to stimulate the clitoris during sex can lead to clitoral orgasms, or adding more stimulation to penetrative sex with a sex toy such as a bullet vibrator. If your partner enjoys clitoral stimulation, I recommend the Lovehoney rose, a clitoral-sucking toy that simulates sucking for very intense pleasure.

6. Embrace Remote Control

Try toys with remote controls so that you can feel the pleasure that comes from operating them remotely. Especially in a long-distance relationship, using a mobile app to control sex toys helps to eliminate the alienation that comes from not seeing each other.

7. Engage All Your Senses

Add sensory play to your exploration of sex toys, try adding a blindfold or experiencing temperature play. Choose toys that create temperature changes, such as dildos with heating features, etc. These toys can help you explore the sense of excitement and anticipation that comes with temperature changes, engaging your senses for a more passionate experience.

8. Explore Role Reversals

When trying out sex toys, you can also incorporate role-swapping games. For example, play different roles with each other to experience the passion and pleasure that come with different powers. Or you can incorporate role-playing scenarios to dress up. All of these can help you feel happier and more pleasurable during sex.

9. Masturbate Together

Adding sex toys to your sex life not only allows you to use them to stimulate each other but also allows you to masturbate with each other, showing each other your sexy and private side, an intimate and exciting experience that can increase your emotional intimacy. This intimate and exciting experience can increase your emotional intimacy and allow you to communicate your preferences while masturbating, thus making more passionate.

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