Is it necessary for CCNA to take the exam? What are the advantages of Cisco certification in college

Recently, many students have been consulting. They want to know whether it is necessary for they to take the CCNA exam? Do they need to take CCNA? I think that different people need to be combined with the actual situation of the candidates, and I will talk about it in detail below.

CCNA certification is a primary certification in the certification system launched by Cisco. After passing CCNA, you can reach the level of a primary network engineer certified by Cisco, which can prove that this person has the ability to install, configure, operate ICT equipment, and troubleshoot.

There is no need to test the situation of CCNA.

It is unnecessary for people with certain industry experience to take the CCNA exam, especially for network engineers with relatively high technical level. First, it is a waste of money, but CCNA has low gold content, so it is better to directly take CCNP and CCIE. (CCNP and CCIE can be directly tested!)

It is necessary to test the situation of CCNA

If you are a college student who is very interested in network technology, no matter what kind of work you will be engaged in in the future, software development, network security, cloud computing or other jobs, learning Cisco CCNA is a commendable thing.

In addition to the computer related knowledge in the textbooks, we should get more exposure to the popular certification of manufacturers. First, we should learn it. After mastering this, your parents also support you when your family’s economy allows, for example, when they say that you should take a certification test for 1000, 3000 or even 10000 yuan, Without affecting your financial pressure, the editor also suggests that the earlier you get the certificate, the better. For example, you can get the Cisco professional certification when you are a freshman or sophomore.

What are the advantages of Cisco certification in college

1. Passing the Cisco certification in college can play a positive role in urging candidates to learn more skills in this major spontaneously.

2. After you work in the future, your daily work is very busy, and most people find it hard to settle down and study as you did in college. So we can seize your limited time to improve ourselves.

3. If you learned Cisco’s knowledge in your freshman year and sophomore year, whether it is Cisco’s junior network engineer or intermediate or advanced, once you have learned these things in college, you will also have a great advantage in finding a job from a higher starting point. Compared with other students, in addition to their academic qualifications, there is Cisco’s professional certification certificate, which can be obtained in your freshman year and sophomore year, That proves that you actually got this certification a year or two ago, and  you have had a certain time to digest knowledge. You are definitely not a person who has just obtained a certificate, but has certain skills and foundations, so it will be quite helpful for you to find a job in the future.

In general, if you can get the Cisco Network Engineer Certificate in college, it will be very helpful to the candidates. For students with a certain foundation, it is unnecessary to take the CCNA exam. It is recommended that these people take the CCNP or CCIE exam directly.

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