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Welcome to Little People Greater Life Daycare: A Safe and Engaging Learning Environment

Are you looking for a daycare that feels like home? At LPGL, we have caring teachers and directors who keep your child safe and happy. LPGL is all about learning! Our teachers are really good at teaching, and we have special certifications to make sure your child gets the best education. We also make sure your child eats healthy food and has fun after school. And with meetings for parents and special folders to track your child’s progress, you can be part of their learning journey too.

Come join us at LPGL, where every day is a chance to learn and have fun!

About LPGL

Little People, Greater Life (LPGL) is a really awesome place for kids to learn and have fun! It is a unique daycare that has received state licensing, which means it abides by all regulations to keep kids secure and content. LPGL is located in the Webster, League City, and Friendswood areas and it’s owned and run by people who really care about kids.

The grown-ups who work at LPGL, like the directors and teachers, have been teaching kids for a long time, more than 12 years! They’re super experienced and know just how to help kids learn and grow. Plus, everyone on the team is certified in CPR and First Aid, which means they know how to keep kids safe in case of any emergencies. They’ve also passed background checks to make sure they’re really good people to be around kids.

At LPGL, we’re proud to say that we’re Texas School Ready Certified and Texas Rising Star Certified. That’s a big deal because it means we’re really good at what we do! These certifications help our teachers go to college to learn even more about how to teach kids. Our main goal at LPGL is to help each child be the best they can be by giving them a safe, loving, and fun place to learn and grow.

The Importance of Quality Daycare

Benefits for Children:

  • Making Friends: When kids go to daycare, they get to play and hang out with other kids. This helps them learn how to be friendly, share toys, and solve problems together.
  • Learning Cool Stuff: Daycare is like a fun school where kids get to do all sorts of activities like puzzles, drawing, and listening to stories. These activities help them learn new things and become smarter.
  • Feeling Happy: At daycare, kids have teachers who care about them and make sure they feel safe and loved. When kids feel happy and secure, they can grow up to be confident and kind.

Benefits for Parents:

  • Feeling Less Worried: When parents drop their kids off at daycare, they know their little ones are in good hands. This makes parents feel less stressed and worried while they’re at work or doing other things.
  • Having Time for Work: Daycare gives parents time to focus on their jobs without having to worry about their kids. This means parents can do their work well and maybe even get promotions or new opportunities.
  • Having Time for Family: After a busy day at work, parents can pick up their kids from daycare and spend quality time together as a family. This helps everyone feel happy and connected.

Certified Excellence in Education

Little People, Greater Life (LPGL) is really special because it has two certificates that show how excellent it is at teaching kids. One certificate is called Texas School Ready Certified, and the other is Texas Rising Star Certified. These certificates mean that LPGL is doing a fantastic job in making sure kids learn lots of cool stuff in a fun way!

LPGL gets its lessons and tests from a place called the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) at UT Health & Science. The people there are super smart and work hard to make sure kids learn in the best way possible. So, when kids go to LPGL, they get to learn from really awesome materials made just for them!

Engaging Curriculum for Every Age

At (LPGL) daycare, kids of all ages get to learn in fun and exciting ways! For the older kids who are 3, 4, or 5 years old, we use special programs called Frog Street and The OWL. These programs help kids learn lots of different things, like reading, math, and how to be a good friend. It’s like going on an adventure every day, with new things to discover and learn!

But guess what? Even our littlest friends, the babies and toddlers, get to join in the fun! We use the Frog Street curriculum for them too. It’s like having special baby books and games that help them learn and grow. So, no matter how old you are, there’s always something cool to learn at LPGL!

Parent Involvement and Progress Tracking

At Little People’s Greater Life (LPGL) daycare, we believe that parents play a crucial role in their child’s education journey. That’s why we host three parent-teacher conferences every year. These meetings give parents a chance to talk with teachers about their child’s progress, like how they’re doing in class and what they’re learning. It’s a great way for parents to stay involved and work together with teachers to support their child’s development.

In addition to conferences, each child at LPGL has their own special portfolio. This portfolio showcases their work and assessments over time. It’s like a special folder filled with all the cool stuff they’ve done at daycare, from artwork to learning activities. Parents can look through the portfolio to see how their child is growing and learning, and teachers use it to track each child’s progress and plan for their future learning adventures.

Nutritious Meals and Snacks

  • Little People’s Greater Life (LPGL) daycare offers two lunch options: parents can pack a lunch from home along with snacks, or opt for hot meals catered by LPGL, which also include snacks.
  • LPGL is a “nut-free” and “juice-free” facility, ensuring the safety and health of all children by avoiding nuts and juice in meals and snacks.
  • Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and refreshed, while milk is available as an optional beverage choice.

Convenient After-School Program and Transportation Services

Little People’s Greater Life offers an after-school program tailored for elementary and middle school kids. In this program, dedicated teachers provide assistance with homework, reading, and handwriting skills, and even introduce fun subjects like Spanish and sign language. Moreover, children get to engage in exciting activities such as science experiments, cooking, and seasonal projects, making learning after school an enjoyable adventure!

In addition to the engaging after-school program, LPGL provides convenient transportation services to and from schools in the Webster, Friendswood, and League City areas. Parents can trust that their children are in good hands and safely transported to the daycare facility, ensuring peace of mind for busy families.

Highly Qualified Staff and Safety Measures

At Little People Greater Life, the grown-ups who take care of the kids are really experienced! Our directors and lead teachers have been part of our educational program for more than 12 years. That means they know a lot about teaching and how to make sure kids have a great time while they learn. Plus, every single person on our team is trained in CPR and First Aid. That means they know how to help if someone gets hurt or feels sick. And to make sure everyone is safe, all our staff members have had background checks by the FBI, so parents can feel really good about leaving their kids with us!

Safety is super important at LPGL, and we make sure to follow all the rules to keep everyone safe and happy. So, when kids come to our daycare, they’re in good hands with our caring and experienced staff.

Affiliations and Partnerships

Little People’s Greater Life (LPGL) is proud to have strong affiliations with various organizations that share our commitment to children’s education and well-being. One of our key partners is the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI), which brings together experts in child development and education. CLI helps us by providing research-backed learning solutions and training to our educators, ensuring that we offer the best possible educational experience to our students.

Another important partner is Texas School Ready (TSR), which focuses on supporting at-risk pre-kindergarten children. TSR provides valuable resources such as professional development, mentoring, and research-based curriculum materials. With their help, we can tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of every child and ensure that they receive the high-quality education they deserve.

LPGL also collaborates with organizations like Collaborative for Children, the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and Workforce Solutions (NCI) to further enhance our services and support systems. These partnerships enable us to access resources for job training, career guidance, and childcare assistance, benefiting both our staff and the families we serve. Together, we work towards building a strong educational foundation for children to succeed in school and in life.

Operating Hours and Holiday Schedule

Little People’s Greater Life (LPGL) daycare is open from Monday to Friday, making it easy for parents to drop off and pick up their children on weekdays. Our operating hours are from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm, giving families flexibility to accommodate their work schedules. Whether parents need to drop off their kids early in the morning or pick them up later in the evening, LPGL is here to provide reliable childcare services.

Moreover, LPGL observes certain holidays throughout the year when the centre is closed. These holidays include New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, we will be closed the Friday before, and if it falls on a Sunday, we will be closed the Monday after. This holiday schedule allows our staff and families to enjoy important celebrations and spend quality time together.


To sum up, LPGL Daycare is more than just a childcare facility—it’s a nurturing community where children thrive, learn, and grow. With experienced staff, an engaging curriculum, nutritious meals, convenient services, and a commitment to parent involvement, LPGL provides a solid foundation for your child’s future. Join us at LPGL, where every day is an opportunity for adventure, discovery, and endless possibilities!


What safety measures are in place at LPGL?

LPGL follows strict safety protocols, including CPR-certified staff and regular safety drills.

Can parents track their child’s progress?

Yes, LPGL hosts parent-teacher conferences and maintains progress portfolios for each child.

Are meals provided at LPGL?

LPGL offers nutritious meal options, including hot lunches and snacks.

What ages does LPGL cater to?

LPGL welcomes children of all ages, from infants to pre-kindergarten.

Is transportation available for after-school programs?

Yes, LPGL provides safe transportation to and from nearby schools for after-school care.

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